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Waters Edge Home Owners Association, Port Orange, FL 32128

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Waters Edge Exterior Home Paint Colors

The Residence Modification Committee (RMC) will consider exterior house paint from the vast variety of colors included in a specialized palette of Sherwin-Williams paints. All brands will be considered if they are in the same color range. The homeowner must include paint chips with their application and specify body, trim, and door color. Garage doors must be the color of the body of the house or trim. Visit the Sherwin-Williams Store on Reed Canal Road in South Daytona and request the Waters Edge Approved Palette.

Waters Edge Roof Shingle Colors

Color options for certain brands of roof shingles are shown in this document. You are not required to use the brands listed, but if you choose another color you should ensure that the color matches one of those indicated. The committee will also approve what it deems to be an equivalent color by another manufacturer. Even the same manufacturer has different names for the same color depending on the quality of the shingle purchased, so equivalents may be approved as well. Approval of ALL colors (even those listed below) must be given by the ARC/RMC and an application must be submitted per the guidelines on the application form.

Phone Numbers and Websites

Port Orange Phone Numbers

Police, Fire, Poison Control (emergencies) Dial 911
Port Orange Police Department (non-emergency) 386-248-1777
Port Orange Fire Depertment (non-emergency) 386-506-5900
Port Orange Animal Control 386-756-7400
Port Orange Code Enforcement 386-506-5604
Port Orange Parks and Recreation 386-506-5850
Port Orange City Manager, Mayor, and City Council 386-506-5501

Web Sites

Waters Edge Resident Facebook Page
Port Orange City Government
Florida Power and Light
Bright House Networks
ICI Homes
Port Orange Crime Report map
Port Orange Code of Ordinances
Port Orange Police Radio
Port Orange Weather Map