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Waters Edge Home Owners Association, Port Orange, FL 32128

Archived Notices - 2016
Posted: 8 December 2016
New fountain installed at west entrance
New fountain installed at West entrance

After a long period of down-time, a brand-new beautiful fountain is up and running at our west entrance! This new fountain is more energy efficient than the previous fountain as it uses a 5HP pump that was designed for submersible fountains and LED lighting (the previous fountain used a 10HP pump and halogen lighting). Thus, we expect that over time, the energy efficiency of this new fountain will save us money on our electric bill. The size and beauty of this fountain is as good if not better than what was there before, and is certainly impressive to see as people drive by our entrances. It also has a digital control box with battery backup which means that the on/off cycle should be much more reliable.

Posted: 1 November 2016
New HOA Website officially launched!!

From: Michael Bray, Website developer / administrator

Welcome to the brand-new Waters Edge HOA Website!!

This new website has been completely redesigned, created from scratch, with the goal of providing more information to you on a more timely basis, making it easier to interact with your HOA. There are several new features that you may enjoy, and there are many more to come! The page that you are reading (the "Home" page) will always have the latest communications from the HOA, and essentially replaces the HOA Newsletter, which has been discontinued. Explore the menus above to see all that is offered. In particular, take note of the "Register" and "Login" links at the top-right. Using this functionality, you will have your own personal login to the website. Although registering doesn't currently provide any significant advantage, in the near future there will be features that will require having a validated login. For example, you will be able to receive email notifications whenever a new announcement is posted or when the status of your favorite fountain changes. Here are a few other neat features you may enjoy:

  • The date of the next HOA meeting is always displayed at the top of every page
  • Submit a fountain status report that goes directly to the grounds committee responsible party
  • A direct contact form that allows you to communicate with various parties within the HOA
If you experience any problems, or have any suggestions for improvements, please contact me directly - I love getting feedback, whether good or bad! Just use the Contact Us page, and select "Michael Bray - WebMaster" as the recipient.

Posted: 11 October 2016
October 2016 HOA Meeting Highlights
October 2016 HOA Meeting Highlights

The effects of Hurricane Matthew, and how to proceed with repairs as a result of wind damage, were the major focus of this meeting. All work done to clean up (new roofs, fences, etc) still require permits from the City of Port Orange, but they have waived fees for the next 60 days (exact cutoff date is unknown, so please check w/ City offices). Also, HOA permits are still required, although the HOA doesn't charge a fee for permits. To expedite the HOA approval process, the RMC committee will be meeting weekly. Please submit your RMC Application to our HOA Management Company TLC Professional Group.

To help residents with repairs, the HOA Board has decided to relax some of the restrictions and requirements in the HOA Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs). These relaxations are temporary, and if utilized by the resident homeowners, must be the result of damage incurred by Hurricane Matthew. Additionally, to promote quick healing of our community, these relaxations are temporary, and must be submitted to and approved by the RMC within a limited timeframe.

There were several main talking points regarding Hurricane Matthew remediation:
  • Roofs
    • Solicitors - no soliciting is allowed in Waters Edge. The Port Orange Police Department has been issuing citations to solicitors. If you see solicitors, you may call the POPD non-emergency line at 386-506-5800.
    • Contractors - the HOA does not currently endorse any specific roofing company. You are free to choose any contractor to perform the work, but the contractor must be LICENSED and INSURED.
    • The HOA guidelines list Owens-Corning as the reference brand for colors, but you are not restricted to this brand - you may choose any brand you like. Most other brands have similar colors to the HOA Standards which can be matched and approved by the RMC.
  • Fences
    • Although erecting wood fences is not currently allowed by the C&Rs, the Board will allow re-erecting wood fences as long as the final appearance is the same as it was prior to the storm.
    • Except for replacing posts, if actual repairs are required, the prior guidelines established by the Board will hold.
    • Individual slats may be replaced, but if you need to replace entire panels with new panels, a new fence will still be required. This is to avoid a "checkerboard" appearance that would be created by mismatched wood tones.
  • Trees
    • First and foremost, make sure your property is safe. If you need to remove a tree that has fallen, please proceed and then submit the City and HOA permit applications.
    • The city may require you to replace removed trees with a like kind. Please refer to the Tree Brochure and Residential Landscape Requirements documents for the details.
    • Special Hurricane-related debris pickup for the City of Port Orange will start Wednesday 12 October 2016.
Additional topics:
  • Debris Pickup
    • Hurricane-related debris pickup for the City of Port Orange starts 12 October 2016 by City contractror AshBritt. There is no schedule immediately available for the specific order of neighborhoods that pickup will occur. Details.
    • Please place your hurricane debris on the right-of-way (the grassy area in between the road and the sidewalk). Please do not place hurricane-related debris in the road - it's dangerous to traffic and pedestrians. Details.
  • Hiring a Contractor
    • First and foremost, make sure the contractor is LICENSED and INSURED by the State of Florida. You can verify their license at the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Additional methods are available, including a mobile app.
    • If you need to know what to look for when looking at a license provided by a contractor, click here.
    • Utilize the Central Florida Better Business Bureau to help you validate a contractor.
    • Tips for hiring a contractor: get a written estimate; make sure the estimate includes the scope of work, materials, etc; beware of contractors offering to be the "fastest" or "cheapest".
Posted: 26 September 2016
New HOA Management Company
Puzzle logo - Introducing TLC PG, new HOA management company

Waters Edge HOA has a new management company as of Sep 26, 2016. The new company is TLC Professional Group. Cheryl Weber, who had several years of experience working with the previous management company for our HOA, is our new CAM (Community Association Manager). By now, you should have received a letter in the mail introducing TLC. You can reach their web site at, or you can call them at 386-219-2010. You may also contact Cheryl directly via email at

Posted: 16 September 2016
New reclaimed water irrigation schedule

If you water your lawn using reclaimed water, the City of Port Orange has requested that you begin a new schedule. All residents of Waters Edge using reclaimed water should irrigate on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from Midnight until 8:00 a.m.

Original City of Port Orange FB Post

Posted: 06 August 2016
Emergency Preparedness Fair

The City of Port Orange Emergency Management is hosting an Emergency Preparedness Fair at the Kenneth W. Parker Amphitheater at City Center from 6:30pm - 8:30pm on September 16th. >> View Flyer

There will be many great local, state, and federal resources available. There will be giveaways, emergency vehicle displays, and a concert. All free of charge.

You can find more Emergency Management resources at the City of Port Orange Emergency Management website, including a Disaster Planning Guide and Needed Supply List. Don't be caught off-guard!

Posted: 16 July 2016
City Government Candidate Forum
You are invited to City Government Candidate Forum

The Alliance of Port Orange Homeowners Associations is hosting a Port Orange City Government Candidate Forum.  Exercise your civic responsibility and come out to hear what the candidates have to say.  Questions will be accepted in a pre-submitted form - use the link in the announcement below to submit a question.  There are currently three candidates for Port Orange City Mayor: Don Burnette, Lance Green (attendance confirmed), and Ted Noftall.  There are also three candidates for City Council District 2: Sarah Jones (attendance confirmed), Bryan Syford, and Chase Tramont (attendance confirmed).  Drew Bastian is running for City Council District 3 unopposed.

Port Orange City Government Candidate Forum

Hosted by The Alliance of Port Orange Homeowners Associations

Date: Thursday, August 18, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: City Hall Council Chambers
1000 City Center Circle
Port Orange, FL 32129

Open to the public, all city residents are encouraged to attend.

To submit a question to be considered for the candidates, please click here and use the online form.
** The window for submitting questions is now closed.
Posted: 08 July 2016
Powerwashing of 3-rail fences has begun

All common-area 3-rail fences will be powerwashed over the next 6 weeks. Believe it or not, there are over 17,000 feet of three-rail fence in Waters Edge that will be covered by this effort. The task is being performed by Suntime Pressure Cleaning, and is expected to last about 4-5 weeks.