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Waters Edge Home Owners Association, Port Orange, FL 32128

Waters Edge Community Yard Sale
April 23, 2022    Starts at 8am

Directory of Participating Homes

Welcome!! Below you will find a map and list of residents who have registered their yard sale. There may be additional homes in the community with yard sales that have not registered, so feel free to roam around! Every yard sale participant is in charge of running their own sale, so start and end times may vary, and some sales may also run on additional days. On the map, click on any address to see details and get a map to the home. On the list, click on any address to open a new tab with a map to the home.
No yard sales are currently active. Please visit again in the future for details of new yard sales.

Waters Edge Residents: to register your yard sale, scroll to the bottom of the list.

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Status: Approved on PENDING - Proof of yard sale permit still needed
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Register Your Yard Sale:

Waters Edge HOA is sponsoring the Community-Wide Yard Sale on April 23, 2022. Part of that sponsorship involves placing ads in local newspapers and websites advertising the event. In that advertising is a link to this webpage, so that yard sale patrons can easily find the yard sales inside our community. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REGISTER your yard sale on this website, but registering provides you free advertising and could drive more potential buyers to your sale. To register your yard sale, please provide the information in the form below. Your registration must be reviewed and approved before it appears in the public listing. Please only submit ONE listing per address.

You must obtain a yard sale permit from the City of Port Orange

To help prevent fraudulent listings, proof of a yard sale permit from the City of Port Orange is required. In addition, yard sales held without obtaining a permit are subject to City of Port Orange Code Enforcement action (see: Only listings that have been reviewed and validated will appear on the webpage on the day of the yard sale. You can obtain a permit from the Port Orange City Hall - it's only $5. To provide proof of the permit to validate your listing, please take a picture of the permit with your smart phone, make sure it is legible, and then email the photo to If you don't have access to a smart phone, or have any other difficulties sending a photo of your permit, please Contact the Website Administrator. The address will be matched up to the address provided in the form in order to assist the review your submission. It may take some time for the review process to validate your listing. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you do not wait until the last minute to obtain your permit.

NOTE: Type ONLY your street number and address (eg 123 Sesame St). Do not include the city, state, or zip code. On the day of the yard sale, it will be used to link to a Google Map to your house that interested yard-sale patrons can use to find your home.
Phone Number:
NOTE: Your phone number will not be publicly published. It will be only used by the administrator to verify your listing. If necessary, you may receive a call between the hours of 6p - 9p to verify the listing. If these hours are not a good time to be contacted, please indicate a better time of day in the comments. If you do not provide a contact number, and your listing is not accepted, then your listing will be removed without any notification.
Items for Sale: NOTE: The "Items for Sale" will be published on the date of the yard sale. You are not required to list anything here at all, if you don't wish to. Some people may benefit from listing items (if they are of high popularity) while others may benefit from not listing anything (to draw patrons who might not otherwise be interested in the items you have.) If you need to make changes to this after you submit the form, please Contact the Website Administrator.
Comments: NOTE: The "Comments" are only to assist the reviewer. Data entered here will not be part of the published listing. If you have any unsual circumstances that you need to inform the reviewer about, you can provide that detail here.