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Waters Edge Home Owners Association, Port Orange, FL 32128

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Waters Edge Committees

Waters Edge has several committees to help maintain and develop the community. Committees are a great way to get involved and be a good steward of your neighborhood, and most committees will only take a few hours of your time each month. All residents of Waters Edge are welcome and encouraged join a committee. If any of those listed below are of interest, please let us know through the Contact page of this website, or click HERE.

Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee works to make Waters Edge landscaping and entries as well maintained as possible. This committee is tasked with the large undertaking of ensuring the many acres of common land covering Waters Edge are maintained and work to keep the plantings as well as the many features, signs, and fountains in order. This committee has much responsibility and landscaping and/or knowledge of Florida plants would be a big help. There is no formal meeting for this committee; much is conducted on site or via phone and email on a continual basis. It is always helpful to have extra sets of eyes to spot plants or fences that are broken or need replacing. Please consider volunteering to help keep our landscape looking great.


Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee was formed in the fall of 2012. The purpose of the committee is to welcome the new families into Waters Edge and make them aware of the activities in the area and to go over the covenants of Waters Edge. The Committee met for several months before we finally began to visit our new neighbors. Starting in 2013 several homes were visited in Covendale and Waters Edge. New home owners or resale owners are presented with a gift bag which contains a Waters Edge mug and information about the local area. Thanks to the Port Orange Chamber of Commerce for giving the committee maps and several booklets for our gift bag. Meetings are not held regularly, but typically consist of putting together material and gift bags for those new to Waters Edge along with delivery and an official welcome.


Residence Modification Committee

The RMC is responsible for reviewing changes to landscaping, homes, and structures. Before making any changes to a yard or exterior of your home, a Modification Request must be submitted to this committee for approval. Committee members are to be resident property owners in good standing for a minimum of two (2) years. They should also be familiar with the Waters Edge Covenants and Restrictions as well as Article IX, Architecture and Building Standards as set forth in the Waters Edge Bylaws. The RMC meets monthly at 2:00 PM on the fourth Wednesday of each month in order to review and act upon Modification Requests submitted by residents for exterior modifications; paint color scheme proposals; landscaping modifications or additions. The goal of the RMC is to ensure compliance to Waters Edge Covenants and Restrictions as well as Article IX, Architecture and Building Standards.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for creating the annual budget, reviewing finances, and approving spending. The Committee typically meets more toward the fourth quarter of the year or as needed. This committee is extremely important as this is when any Waters Edge capital improvements are planned for. If there's something you would like to see improved on, or added to the community, this is the one time we have to get it into the budget. If it's not in the budget, it has to wait until the next year. The annual budget is prepared in October for Board approval at the annual Budget Meeting in November.


Covendale Committee

The Covendale Committee is focused on issues that are of specific concern to the Covendale sub-community. Covendale residents pay an additional HOA fee on top of the normal Waters Edge HOA fee.